Putting Mason County First

Join George in his campaign

Putting Mason County First

Putting Mason County First

Join George in his campaign


My name is George A. Steele. I'm eager to serve our community.
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Experience Counts:
1. Judge in the Municipal Court of Shelton, for over nine years.
2. Judge pro tem in the Mason County District Court.
3. Practicing law since 1982 as deputy prosecutor, defense and civil lawyer.
4. Extensive experience, including appearing in our State Supreme Court and Federal Courts.
5. Commissioner on the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission, representing the lower court judges; appointed by the Governer

Dedication Counts:
1. Wrote bills and worked with legislators from both parties to get them passed.
2. Worked diligently to insure that people in the Municipal Court are treated fairly with their rights protected but held to account when they are convicted.
3. Represents the Municipal Court on the Mason County criminal justice group.


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