3 Reasons Mason County Voters Are Choosing to Support Steele.

1. Reputation
2. Experience
3. Judicial Manner

#1. Reputation

The Mason County people know, like, and trust Judge Steele. For almost two decades Judge Steele has served Mason County and built deep relationships inside of our community. Through his consistent, steady, and stable manner Judge Steele has gained Mason County’s respect and trust, as well as a reputation for being reliable, honest, and fair.

#2. Experience

Experience matters for the people of Mason County and Judge Steele is clearly the most experienced of any candidates in the race. The challenges facing the Mason County Court system today require someone with the first hand , day to day, experience to step in and take the lead to uphold what is working and be an active problem solver for some of the serious issues facing our court system today.

Judge Steeles’ Experience

Judicial Experience – 9+ years as Shelton Municipal Court Judge
Judicial Experience – 20+ years as Mason County District Court Pro Tem
Judicial Experience – 9+ years as Mason County Criminal Justice Committee
Judicial Experience – DMCJA Rep for WA State Traffic Safety Commission

Over 30 years practicing Law as Deputy Prosecutor, Defense and Civil including appearances in State Supreme and Federal Courts

#3. Judicial Manner

Through his deliberate, balanced, and stable manner Judge Steele has codified his reputation for stability, honesty, integrity, and fairness over the last three decades. His reputation on the bench has led to him being selected twice to serve as the Shelton Municipal Court Judge, where he has worked for over 9 years, as well as being appointed by the governor to serve as the District and Municipal Court Judges' Associations’ Representative WA State Traffic Safety Commission.